Friday, July 07, 2006

Morgue Guard Part II

Tonight as usual, he's doing his graveyard shift. Sitting at his usual spot, reading newspaper to kill time, but ever since the last close encounter with the ciggy corpse, the guard has quit smoking totally. But to keep him company, he has a small radio with him.

He look at his watch, it show 2AM sharp. "Oh well... another 5 hours to go...", he sigh.

He looked around. As usual, at this ungodly hour there's no one around except himself. The whole area is very quiet except the music’s from the radio, which is playing slow classical music from the 50s, which he likes. He started to hum along with the music, but suddenly he thought he heard noises of faint footsteps. He turns down the volume and listens again. No mistake! He heard footsteps, sounds like someone is walking around barefooted. When he listened carefully, the noise actually came from the corridor leading to the morgue. No body (alive) supposes to be in there during this hour!

He just froze there, unable to move. "Aiyo~~ Not Again!! Not another one asking for light", he thought. The corridor is dimly lit, but he still can't see anyone or anything making the footstep noise there. So he shone his torchlight at the corridor. To his horror... there's nothing! and he can hear the footstep get louder and louder as if it's walking towards him.

Slowly the footsteps getting closer... closer... and closer... until he felt the footsteps has stopped just right in front of him. Then the noise of the footstep started to walk towards the morgue, getting fainter and then finally stopped and he didn't hear any footsteps anymore for that night... Then throughout the whole shift, he turns on the volume of the radio to high, so that it can cover up any weird noise... It's feels like the longest 5 hours of his life...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Morgue Guard Part I

It happened in a hospital morgue, which hospital I can't remember but I remember it's a general hospital. For a GH morgue, everyday there are "fresh" corpses coming in.

There is this guard in his 50s, doing graveyard shift and his post is nearby the entrance of the hospital morgue. During his duty, he'll be sitting on a chair near the entrance, reading newspaper to kill time. Beside him it's a long corridor leading to the only entrance of the morgue. Anyone coming out or going into the morgue will be visible by him. At night, there's only one lamp switched on at the corridor to preserve electricity, so it's a bit dim there.

One night as usual and it's already way past midnight, he's sitting there reading newspaper and having a ciggy also... There's no one around except him... then suddenly there's a voice coming from beside him, from the direction of the morgue entrance, "Bang, ada api tak?" (Bro, got light?) Which spook him suddenly. Then he looks up, and saw a malay guy standing just beside him, with a ciggy in his hand. He thought it must be one of the caretakers or one of the corpse's relative. So he passed him his lighter. The malay guy light his ciggy and take a puff, then said, "Ahhh~~ Enaknya~~ Sekarang elok sikit.. Sejuk sangatlah dalam tu..." (Ahhh~~ That’s nice~~ Now feels better… It’s cold inside there.) Then he just turns around and walks through the corridor and into the morgue.

The guard thought, "Hey!! How come he went into the morgue! He’s not supposed to go in there without permission!" So he quickly rushes into the morgue, and to his surprise... There's no one (alive one of course) in there!!! But he can smell the ciggy, and still can see some fresh ciggy smoke in there... "Oh no! I must have bump into "something" already". He quickly leave the morgue, paged his supervisor giving excuse that he's not feeling well and need a MC, and went home that night.

Next evening when he came back to work, he was asked by his supervisor whether he has let anyone in the morgue last night or not, because in that morning, the coroner actually found one of the corpse had a half burned ciggy in his mouth!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Tales from the Rooms - Part 1.1 Hotelier's Believes

It has been a few years since I work in this huge international hotel covering a few properties. Along the years here, I have heard many spooky tales from some of the veteran staffs here, some tales are quite scary or even bizzare also. I, myself also has some personal out-of-this-world encounters at this place.

So I'll try to share some of the tales I have heard from the veterans and also some of my personal encounters.

But first I'll start with the one of hotelier's believes.

One important advice given by the veterans is:
Never ever insisted on getting a vacant room, if the front desk already told you that the hotel has no more empty rooms left. Never ever try to charm/bully/bribe your way into getting a room. You never know what type of room you will get if you insisted.

Why? you might ask. Here's why:
Almost every hotels in Asia (also applies to some hotels in other parts of the globe), there are always will be a few rooms, which is on the room list but is blocked as OOO (Out Of Order) permanently. But the rooms are perfectly OK, nothing is broken in the rooms. So why blocked it as OOO? Because there IS some "problems" within those rooms, it just that usually you can't see those "problems".

Those rooms are commonly known as the haunted rooms, or "special visiting" rooms. Where there are high frequent complaints from the guests staying there about the paranormal activities, like seeing white lady figures in the rooms, toilet flushed by it selves, and etc.
So in order to reduce down the complaints from guest and also to take care of the hotel's reputation and images, usually the hotel will blocked off those rooms as OOO permanently.

Some hotel will block off one or two rooms before the opening, this usually applies to the newly opened hotels. Before the opening, the hotel will hire some chinese medium/bomoh/witch doctor/whatever you call them, to invite all of the spirits/ghosts in the building into one or two rooms. In those rooms, the spirits/ghosts will be given offerings to establish a pact between them and the hotel. The pact usually will bound those spirits/ghost to those specific rooms, while the hotel will give them offering from time to time, to make sure them stays in the room and not roam around the hotel scaring their guests.

There was a few cases happened before in this hotel I worked for. One of the guest bullied the front desk receptionist for a room, even he doesn't have a booking and the hotel is full. So the receptionist gave him the "special" room, either in desperation or in revenge, I dunno...
The next thing we know is the guest ran down to the lobby in the middle of the night, his face pale like paper, shivering with cold sweats all over him and wearing nothing but his boxer short. He complaint there was an old lady wih long white hair in white gown, sitting beside him on his bed, staring at him.

So, next time still want to insist for a room while the hotel is already full? ;)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

There is Nothing

Well... Here is it... my very first blog post...
Hmm... what should I put here first?

OK... I'll just put my tag line I used in my forum avatar
here it goes...

There is no Good or Evil
There is no True or False
There is no Black or White
There is Nothing...

Some say it's kinda Zen like... but I dunno... It just hit my mind one day and I kinda like it...

Ok, I'll bring some ghost stories in the next few post... some are even my personal experience ;)